Explore the Unexplored Ooty and Coonoor.

26 Oct 2021
Explore the Unexplored Ooty and Coonoor.
Posted by: Princy Pereira

          The Southern part of India is an amazing blend of pilgrimage, natural beauty a combination of beautiful beaches, lush green forests, and tall hills, not just that they are more famously known for its elaborate cultural background. Just like I mentioned, the state of Tamil Nadu is a part of the Southern India that is well known for its hill stations like Ooty and Coonoor. The beauty and peacefulness that these hills contain in themselves is something we all crave for, with the fast and stressful life we lead and let me tell you all the different reasons, why you should visit these hill stations for your next trip? These hill stations share the similar features but are yet so different. Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam is a resort town in the Western Ghats and Coonoor is a southern India’s hill station in Tamil Nadu that is surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountains. These hill stations will give you an experience of a foreign country tour with the picturesque views of the valleys and its natural beauty. So, let us see what all you can explore on your future trip to Ooty & Coonoor. You can enjoy your time exploring the hills out here as they showcase some beautiful sceneries overlooking tea plantations, lush forests, even orchards. Let me show you some of the secret tourist spots in Ooty and Coonoor you can visit on your trip.

           Masinagudi Forest.
Masinagudi is located at 30km from Ooty, it is a perfect weekend getaway spot for tourists and all the nature lovers. As it is nestled amid deep forests and the beautiful waterfall, you can also explore the wildlife out here on a safari. If our nature enthusiast wish to enjoy a full-fledged nature tour the can opt for the eco-tour as Masinagudi is close to the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve so they can enjoy the amazing flora and fauna of the place not just that photographer can flex on the wildlife photography skills. You can also enjoy elephant rides out here. You can head out for a small picnic at the pristine Moyar River and not just that you can also enjoy boat ride or bask in the sun at the Pykara Reservoir, from here you can get the amazing view of the town.
 Distance from Ooty – 30 km.

           Avalanche Lake.
Avalanche lake is a hidden gem near Ooty surrounded by hills and lush green mountains. You can trek up to the lake to enjoy fishing at the lake, on your way up you will notice that the lake is bordered by a variety of flora. The atmosphere around the lake is very pleasant and refreshing. You can indulge yourself in a variety of activities around the lake, you can camp near the lake to enjoy the amazing nature and to observe the dense Shola Forest or you can also enjoy a forest safari. At a distance from the Avalanche Lake, you will find another lake that is the Emerald Lake. Away from all the chaos of life and work you can find peace out here as you enjoy the open sky, fresh breeze, blue water, and the aroma of the fresh tea from the tea estates.
 Distance from Ooty – 21 km.


Lovedale is a part of the history of Ooty, it was once a colonised town. It still upholds the British influence for example its cottages, mansions, and old churches. Lovedale is the best getaway place as it has a pleasant weather along with beautiful scenery and for our adventure seekers it also has a trekking trail to the Doddabetta peak. You can also enjoy the Nilgiri Mountain Rail aka the famous toy train to reach places like Coonoor & Wellington. You visit the famous Lawrence School and the Church of Ascension, here you can enjoy the architectural beauty of these places.

Distance from Ooty – 7.2 km.

          Dolphin’s Nose.

The name of the peak was kept Dolphin’s nose due to the resemblance they held with nose of a Dolphin. The peak is situated at 10 km from Coonoor, from here you can get a breath-taking view of the St. Catherine’s Falls. The view of the watering gushing down from a height and the hills covered with the greenery of the tea plantation and its aroma lingering in the air is an experience that will refresh your mind and transport you to a peaceful place. Apart from the peak having an amazing view the drive to the peak through the pine forest and tea gardens is something else.

Distance from Coonoor – 10 km.

           Lamb Rock.

The Lamb’s Rock is located 8 km from Coonoor, it is known to be the perfect picnic spot with an amazing view of the tall mountains to overlook the large quantity of grassland and view of the city of Coimbatore surrounded by the dense forests. You can also enjoy the view of the Coonoor River from the top. The best part of this place is that in the evening you can catch a glimpse of the sky changing its hues and transitioning from day to night.

Distance from Coonoor – 8 km.

           Highfield Tea Factory.

I don’t think that a person who does not like tea exists! Chai is life! And the Highfield Tea Factory is heaven on earth for all our chai lovers. At the tea factory you can learn and explore the different variety of tea flavours. You can enjoy observing the process of how tea is produced in our country. Then finally you can enjoy a sipping on the freshly brewed cup on Tea and the amazing view of the Tea plantations. You can also enjoy their authentic chocolates and essential oils that are prepared in-house, not just that you can taste and buy a different variety of flavoured tea from their tearoom.

Distance from Coonoor – 2.8 km.

                We all love to travel and explore different places but at time that feeling can be overwhelming and to avoid the fear of missing out I have listed you some of the not so explored of the very famous hill station because holiday does not necessarily mean that you need to stay in your room or visit the crowded tourist spots. Holiday or travelling in general means that doing the cliché touristic activities, it means that you break the cycle of that cliché and enjoy doing things differently. So, I hope that on your next trip you will explore some of these places and explore many other unexplored places as well and be the first to discover it.